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11/15/2021 – Redondo Sunset Softball is excited to bring back Select Teams during theSpring 2022 season! Select Teams will provide one extra practice or game per week in addition to the regular season team practices and games. The Select program will provide extra reps for those players looking to take their game to the next level and focus on competitive play. Look for more details to come. Feel free to reach out to our Softball Commissioner by email at with any questions you may have. At registration please check off the select team question to be considered for the team.


Select is a program that provides the option for more advanced players to play softball at a more challenging level during the recreational season. Each year, USA SOFTBALL (previously ASA) recreational leagues lose players and volunteers (coaches, board members, etc.) to travel ball due to a desire to play softball at a more competitive level. USA SOFTBALL Select is intended to allow advanced players to play against all star caliber teams from local leagues within the Los Angeles/South Bay District (and potentially other Western Region Districts as well) to get a higher level of competition while keeping costs low, and without compromising the integrity of the primary recreational league.

Select IS NOT all stars. It is an entirely separate program. Although players will continue to advance their level of play through the program, it is not a guarantee that those players chosen to play on a Select team will make an All Star team.

Select will be only for the 10U and 12U divisions; only one Select team per division is permitted.

All Select players must be registered with Redondo Sunset recreational league for the current year.

A player who participates on a Select team may not also participate on travel team from February 1st to April 31st or until the conclusion of the Select program.

Select players MUST play in the recreational league as well, and must play a minimum of 75% of all recreational league games to remain eligible for Select. Any player who fails to play the required amount of games, which is assessed at the conclusion of the recreational league game schedule, will be dismissed from the Select team, and may not play on any other league all star team. The Board may allow exceptions for injuries, illness, or other justifiable circumstances. A player who fails to meet at least half of her weekly recreational team obligations, including all games and practices, may be prohibited from participating in that week’s Select Team event.

Select does not replace All Star teams.

Select teams may play only one day a week (i.e., either a practice or game(s)). District Commissioners will set a game schedule once all Select participants for the District have been confirmed. The schedule is expected to run from the beginning of March until the end of April (so about 8 weeks total). Select Teams may begin practicing (one day a week) any time after the recreational league’s player draft has taken place (but see rule 12.10, et. seq. for player selection procedure). USA SOFTBALL may schedule one or two single-day Select tournaments during the Select season. The Select Team(s) may be dispersed prior to the March 31st Select deadline at the discretion of REDONDO SUNSET or the Manager(s). If the March 31st deadline for team dissolve is selected, the All Star team selection will be resumed on May 1st per USA SOFTBALL schedule.

Following the conclusion of the Select season, players will continue to play on the spring recreation team or they will not be considered for All Stars.


To be eligible for Select, a player must be registered with the league and on the active roster of one of the recreational league teams for the relevant division.

There will be at least one open tryout date with a possibility of a second or third “call back” date for any eligible player who wants to be considered for the Select program. There will not be more that two call back dates. Players will be evaluated by qualified evaluators designated by the softball commissioner. Playing on a select team is a privilege. Final selection of players will be made based on evaluations, previous coach’s input (such as coach-ability), player attitude and commitment level.

Players will be notified if they have made the Select team by February 1st.

The list of Select team candidates will be narrowed down to 14 players by the Softball Commissioner. The Manager can choose to carry 11-14 players on the roster.


(January 21, 2022 & January 23, 2022)




1/21/2022 - 5pm - 6pm


1/21/2022 - 6pm - 7pm

12U / 14U

1/23/2022 - 9am - 11am


To be eligible to manage a Select team, the volunteer must have managed or coached at Redondo Sunset the prior year, and must have at least one year of experience managing or coaching (i.e., a dugout coach) at the All Star level in any division.

Applicants who meet that criteria and are interested in a Select Manager position must fill out the Select Manager Application (located in the “Documents” section on the website) and submit it to the Softball Commissioner no later than they first day of Select player tryouts. Assuming the existence of qualified candidates, the Executive Board will choose Managers for each team, excluding Executive Board Members that are candidates. Executive Board Members that submit applications to be Select managers will not be included in the voting process. The Manager may choose his/her coaching staff as long as the coach has not been denied a team for disciplinary reasons.

The Manager/Head Coach must be ACE Certified.


A $75 registration fee is required. Cost will include umpire fees, 1 tournament fee, uniform, sox and visors. Additional tournaments may be at an additional cost. USA/ASA championship events will be paid for by Redondo Sunset.

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