Manager / Coach Evaluation

We want to better understand how the Coaches performed this year.

Please fill out this quick survey to help us improve our league.  All submissions will be sent to Fawnda Sandoval. If you have any other questions or concerns please let us know at


1. With regards to the Coach, how satisfied are you with the following.

5 = Very Satisfied, 4 = Somewhat Satisfied, 3 = Average, 2 = Not Satisfied, 1 = Very Dissatisfied
a) Organization during the games and practices
b) Communication with the parents
c) Communication with the players
d) Efforts to make playing and practicing fun
e) Understanding of the game
f) Knowledge of the rules
g) Game strategies
h) Overall coaching of the games
i) Promote fair play
j) Use of positive motivation
k) Exhibiting good sportsmanship
l) Teaching good sportsmanship to players
m) Player engagement
n) Fairness toward all players
o) Providing opportunities for all players in games
p) Getting the most out of your child from effort to skill
q) Your overall satisfaction with the coach
r) The players overall satisfaction with the coach

6. Regarding you/your player’s expectation from a season, please rate the importance of the below items.

Rate from 1-5 with 1 being very important and 5 being unimportant.
a) Play time with friends / camaraderie
b) Competitiveness
c) Winning / Championships
d) Positive experience that will enhance my child’s self-esteem
e) All-Stars
f) Physical activity

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