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Spring Season 2021 Opening Plan
by posted 01/12/2021


Dear Redondo Sunset families:
I hope you and your families are doing well through these unprecedented, unusual times.  It has been quite a year, and we are looking forward to the joy and relaxation of taking the field. Any other year we would be knee deep into launching the season.  The Redondo Sunset board has been working to create a strong 2021 season, taking into consideration the current state of affairs.  Since we opened up registration, we have received a tremendous response from you, which is awesome! I am happy everyone is excited to get back on the field.  
As you are likely aware, LA County parks are currently open for workouts, however not ball games.  We are optimistic that we will be able to “take the field” for ball games sometime in April.  We are keeping our schedule flexible to allow us to begin a competitive season as soon as protocols allow. Given we are months away from competitive play, yet have an opportunity to involve the players with some activities, we are approaching this season differently. As a recreation league, I understand some players can be on a diamond 8 days a week, while some players enjoy a nice 3-4 month season and baseball/softball as just part of their week. Keeping that in mind we are opening things up to get players as involved as they wish to be, while awaiting a traditional season. 
With the exception of Pinto National and up divisions, we are collecting $50 for players who would like to begin working out now until we are allowed for games. The board has decided to hold off on collecting remaining fees so that we don’t find ourselves needing to refund families in the event a full season cannot be scheduled.  
Regarding Pinto National, Bronco and Mustang, if this occurs, refunds will be given, less the $50 advance fees.  The board decided to go ahead and collect the fees, since these divisions will be closed/set by the end of the month.  If the entire fee is not feasible, please reach out to me or your commissioner to discuss options.
Please understand, whether your player is in Pinto National, Mustang, Bronco, or joining the workout program, the player will not be penalized if he/she chooses to opt out of these preseason workouts. The coaches have been advised of this. We remain in a pandemic, and each family must make decisions that work for them.  (Personally, my 82-year-old mother resides with me.  Given that, I make my personal choices cautiously.)  If your family wants to play when everything opens up, however is not yet ready to take the field now, that is completely understandable. If you have a Pinto National, Mustang or Bronco player, please maintain communication with your coach once placed on a team, so he/she understands your intent.
All of that being said, after much deliberation, we have devised a plan below that will meet your player where he or she is. 
Please click on the link for our plan and some answers to the questions you may have:  Spring Season 2021 Opening Plan
If you haven't registered for Spring, please click button below:

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