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Safety Covid-19 Reminders (Updated 4/6)
by posted 04/06/2021


Dear Redondo Sunset Parents:

I hope everyone had an enjoyable, relaxing holiday weekend!  This past weekend, the league held a few practices games at the park.  It was a good practice run for preparing for a full schedule.  It was great to get the kids back to playing ball!  Many good things came out of the weekend.  We also had some struggles.  Our COVID-19 protocols and rules for the park are being adhered to by the majority of players and fans, however I witnessed numerous issues and received comments and emails of concern related to issues with compliance.  

Please remember:

  • Masks/appropriate face coverings must be worn at all times, covering the mouth and nose.  This goes for players, coaches, umpires, and spectators.
  • Practice social distancing.  6 feet from all persons, except persons in your household. 
  • No spectators in the bleachers.  The bleachers are for players and coaches only.  Players and coaches must social distance in the bleachers.  The bleachers have been marked to assist with spacing.
  • Please do not attend any Redondo Sunset activities if experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.  The list of symptoms can be found on our website and on signs throughout the park.  

I have become quite comfortable being the “heavy” and reminding people of the protocols.  There are a number of reasons I remain diligent in my efforts.  For me, keeping our community healthy is of the highest priority.  That being said, I also want to see our kids play a full season.  Playing a full season is up to all of us.  We each must do our part to stay within the guidelines set forth by Los Angeles County and RBUSD.  I have expressed in my “return to play” communications that we are on our fields through permits provided by the City of Redondo Beach (Pumpkin Man Field) and Redondo Beach Unified School District (EMTS Field, Good Stuff Field, Alfred Garcia Memorial Field, AV turf).  The permits are contingent upon our compliance with the city and school districts expectations, especially related to COVID-19 protocols.  

Much like each of you signed waivers, as president I signed a contract with RBUSD that the league would fully comply with RBUSD and LA County protocols for COVID-19.  In essence, if we are found out of compliance it can jeopardize our permit to be on the fields.  The school district has had a presence on site and has advised me of areas of concern.  I have addressed those as they have arisen, however in communicating the concerns I was asked how managers are supposed to enforce the protocols. If managers and coaches are taking care of their coaching tasks, it is difficult to keep tabs on protocols. It is up to each of us to simply follow the guidelines.  This will allow for your managers to focus on your players.  I feel it is important to remind everyone that ignoring the protocols, or refusing to adhere to the protocols, does fall within the league’s “Code of Conduct and Zero Tolerance Policy”.  

In summary, please comply, encourage your player to comply and help your family and friends in attendance understand the importance of adhering to the protocols. 

I am looking forward to all of the activity coming back to our park.  Let's each do our part to make these baseball and softball memories joyful for all by helping keep our community safe and healthy.


Thank you,
Fawnda Sandoval
President, Redondo Sunset
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